This application was approved by City Council on July 8th, 2021. Click here to view the meeting recording.

Requested Action: Zoning Map Amendment to the official zoning map to rezone approximately 13.32 acres from Open space/recreation (OR) to Medium density mixed residential (MF1) zoning district.

Applicant: BGE, Inc – Gerald W. Grissom

Owner: Barkaloo 55 Limited – Gerald Teel

Subject Property: Approximately 13.32 acres generally located north of Blue Heron Pkwy. and approximately 1200 feet east of Barkuloo Road, legally described as a Tract 11A-2 in the JW Singleton Survey, Abstract No. 709, and Tract 1B-2 D in the McFadden Survey, Abstract No. 591, Harris County, Texas

Parcel Information

Current Use: Vacant

Proposed Use: Senior Living Multifamily

Future Land Use Plan: Low-Medium Density Residential

Background: The applicant is requesting multifamily zoning to allow for the development and construction of a senior living multifamily project. In 2017, the City annexed land across several areas of the city. When annexation occurred, the land was automatically zoned OR, which is the most restrictive zone for development. Rezoning the property out of OR is necessary to achieve any development proposal.

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