This item was approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission on March 19, 2024. Click here to view the meeting recording.

Requested Action: A request for a subdivision variance to allow for reduced lot frontage on an improved public right-of-way for proposed Lot 2, 1.18 acres, located at 3306 Fox Drive, Harris County, Texas 77521.

Applicant: Heather Henicke, H & H Professional Land Services, Inc.

Property Owner: Dave A. Joseph

Subject Area: Located at 3306 Fox Drive, legally described as 2.18 acres situated in the Benjamin Barrows Survey, Abstract 123 and the east half of lot 6, block 2, Cedar Bayou Estates, ETJ, Harris County, Texas.

Parcel(s) Information

Current Use: Rural Residential in the ETJ

Proposed Use: Residential

Future Land Use Plan: Low Density Residential


The subject property is located within the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) of the City of Baytown. The property, located on the south side of Fox Drive, was previously platted as part of the Cedar Bayou Estates in 1949. The applicant is proposing a two (2) lots subdivision replat of the original tract. Lot 1 meets the minimum requirements set forth in the Unified Land Development Code (ULDC). Lot 2 is a proposed flag lot with a lot frontage of twenty-six (26) feet. The applicant is requesting a variance from the ULDC, Article IV, Division 9, Subdivision III, Section 4.105, which requires each lot to have a minimum street frontage of 50 feet on an improved public right-of-way for a subdivision development.

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