This item was approved by the Planning and Zoning commission on October 17, 2023. Click here to view the recordation.

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Requested Action: The applicant is requesting a subdivision variance from the Unified Land Development Code (ULDC), Sec.4.105(1), which requires a minimum 50-foot lot frontage on an improved public right-of-way.

Applicants: Austan Lupher, Pape-Dawson Engineers

Subject Area: The subject property, legally described as part of Lot 8 and Lot 9, Elena Fruit and Cotton Farms B, Harris County, Baytown, Texas, is located west of Danek Road.

Parcel(s) Information

Current Use: Vacant

Proposed Use: Commercial/Utility Reserve

Future Land Use Plan: Rural

Background: The applicant is requesting to replat the subject property to create one restricted private utility reserve off of a 60 foot access easement.



Comment Form - 3603 Danek Road

Comment Form - 3603 Danek Road

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