Naming Contest

Last year, “The Nest”, Pirates Bay’s AquaLoop and AquaDrop slides were reopened after being closed for repairs the entire 2022 season.

Having these 56 feet tall slides that send riders to a top speed of 60 miles per hour is a pretty big deal!

In honor of their return, we thought it only fitting to rename them and we want YOUR help! We are looking for name suggestions for EACH slide (2 names total). They could be an individual name or a paired name.

If we pick your name suggestion, not only will the name you chose live forever in the waterpark, but you will also receive admission to the waterpark to see it for yourself!

Each slide’s name will be judged separately, meaning there are two possible winners!

The winner(s) will be given the choice of ONE of the following prizes:

  • (4) Any Day Tickets to Pirates Bay, One-time Use OR
  • (1) Any Day Season Pass to Pirates Bay, For the 2024 Season

  • More about the Slides

  • AquaDrop (the red slide) seems simple enough with its straight drop into a run out lane. It’s a different story, however, once a guest is standing in the transparent capsule, looking out at the height they’re about to free fall from.
  • AquaLoop (the blue slide) starts with a trap door freefall drop into a 360 degree loop. There are few water slides that can beat AquaLoop’s trademark looping rider images and intense ride experience.
  • Keep in mind, that most of our attractions keep the “Pirate” theme for “Pirates Bay”.

    Submit your suggestion below! Voting ends Monday, March 18.