This application was approved by City Council on October 13, 2022. Click here to see the meeting recording.

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Requested Action: The applicant is requesting two actions: 1) Voluntary Annexation of the subject property and 2) Zoning Map Amendment to the official zoning map to rezone approximately 55.491 acres from Open space/recreation (OR) to Mixed Residential at low to medium densities (SF2) Zoning District.

Applicant: Ashley Yoder, Castlerock Communities.

Subject Area: Approximately 55.49 acres of land situated in the George Ellis League, A-21, Harris County, Texas, located generally east of North Main Street between East Wallisville Road and FM 1942.

Parcel(s) Information

Current Use: Vacant

Proposed Use: Mixed Residential at Low to Medium Densities (SF2)

Future Land Use Plan: Low Density Residential

Background: The applicant is requesting to be annexed into the City of Baytown jurisdiction to obtain city services and begin development of single-family residences. This annexation is an extension of the previously approved development to the south. The subject area is concurrently undergoing the rezoning process to be designated as a mixed residential at low to medium densities (SF2) Zoning District.

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