This application was approved by City Council on November 15th, 2021. Click here to view the meeting recording.

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This is a Limited Purpose Annexation (LPA), which differs from a Full Purpose annexation in several ways including the following:

  • Property will not be taxed by the City of Baytown.
  • Residents will be eligible to vote in some Baytown city elections including City Council.

Why the LPA is occurring now: This action is being carried out now based on agreements between the neighborhood developer, Friendswood Development Company, and the City of Baytown from 2018. These agreements allowed for the development to occur outside of city limits while still meeting the development guidelines set forth by the city. These agreements help to ensure the development upholds quality design by establishing standards that are agreed upon by the city and the developer in order to support quality development even while outside of the full scope of city jurisdiction. It is important for the LPA to be finalized now so that the developer is able to continue the planned development of the area.

Background: The Baytown Crossings development organization first entered into a Development Agreement with the city at the beginning of 2018. This allowed for development to begin, and set the groundwork for a Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) to be agreed upon between the City of Baytown and the development organization, this was finalized in January of 2019. The development agreement and SPA were necessary to allow the development to occur at the subject property, under the condition that the development organization agree to a Limited Purpose Annexation of the area.

What to expect: Most importantly, nothing substantial will change for current and prospective property owners in the subject area. No city taxes are levied on the properties, utility and service providers will remain the same, and the regulations that impact what a property owner can do on their land (what and how they can build) remains the same. In addition, residents will be eligible to vote in certain city elections, namely city council and charter amendment elections.

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