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This is a City Sponsored Rezoning which differs from a typical Zoning Map Amendment in several ways including:

  • The rezoning request is proposed entirely by the City, no external application was involved in the request.
  • The proposed rezoning is determined from staff input and citizen feedback.
  • In addition to following all of the established procedures for a zoning map amendment this rezoning will include enhanced public engagement from an open house and mailing campaign as an additional means to engage the community

Why this is needed: The goal of the City Sponsored Rezoning is to provide flexibility to property owners to expand existing commercial uses or develop new commercial uses without the need for extra layers of compliance such as (SUP, Rezone etc.). To jumpstart activity and have a guiding hand in the type of development in the area the city pursued the rezoning of a large portion of the property along this corridor to provide a unified and desired environment for the community.

Background: The subject area, approximately 13.0 acres containing 20 properties along the north and south side of Massey Tompkins Road. The area is generally bounded by Crosby Cedar Bayou Road to the west and Hardin Road to the east. The subject area is zoned Mixed Residential at Low to Medium Densities (SF2) and Low Density Sngle Family Residential (SF1). All properties within this area have driveway access off of Massey Tompkins Road (Arterial Road).

Open House Presentation

Slide show of the March 5th open house

Proposed Zoning Options

A true Mixed Use  blends in character with residential uses

Option 1:

A true Mixed Use blends in character with residential uses

Option 2:

Option 2:

Neighborhood Serving Commercial at the corner with Mixed Use on the rest of the properties.

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