Month of Service is the City of Baytown's annual celebration of volunteers. During the month of April, we will promote of month of volunteer opportunities, with everything from writing a kind letter to passing out medals at Special Olympics. We encourage you to explore volunteerism and find an organization you strongly connect with. Download the calendar, sign up for a few opportunities, and share your story.

Whether you serve with the City or another local organization, let's spread the culture of service throughout Baytown!

Download your calendar today! Check out below for some feature projects. For events, we recommend signing up well in advance to secure your spot!

We would love to hear your story! Whether you volunteered with the City or with any other organization. You can tag us on instagram @baytownserves, email, or share your story by posting adding it to the bottom of the Baytown Serves page.

Sharing your story willl spread kindness even faster throughout the City!

Featured Projects

Register in advance to secure your spot!