Like so many departments within the City of Baytown, the Parks and Recreation Department has a hard-working team that wears many hats. We maintain and operate the Nature Center, the Wetlands Center, Calypso Cove, Pirates Bay Waterpark, the Community Center and other rental facilities, over 50 parks and trails, and host numerous special events throughout the year such as Juneteenth, July 4, Grito, Christmas Parade, and even the Town Square Ice Rink just to name a few.

What is this project: The Parks and Recreation management team would like to share appreciation from the community to their team members, both collectively as a team and on an individual basis. We want our team to know that the community sees and appreciates their hard work as much as we do.

Why is this important: Our goal is to make Baytown a better place to live, work, and play. If you ask any of our team members what is their "why", they will tell you it is seeing the community enjoying the activities and spaces that they have worked hard to build and maintain. Hearing confirmation that their dedication is bringing fulfillment to the community is what fuels their passion.

How do I get involved: We are seeking community members to show their appreciation to our team with a digital high-five, some words of encouragement, and a vote on how you think we should pass on the praise. Whether you want to shout out to a particular team member or you just appreciate a particular space in Baytown that our team takes care of, fill out the form below to help make a Parks and Recreation team member's day brighter!

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