Baytown's Neighborhood Traffic Management Process can be applied to neighborhood streets that are within the City Limits of Baytown. If a resident notices high speeds and/or high traffic on a neighborhood street, the resident can submit an application for the City of Baytown (COB) to study potential traffic calming methods, like installing speed cushions. Neighborhood streets must meet several requirements to implement a traffic calming plan. A traffic calming plan will address excessive speeds and/or excessive volumes.

Qualifiers for the COB to consider implementing a traffic calming plan:

  • The street is a neighborhood street within Baytown's City Limits.
  • The affected roadway is approximately 1,000 ft in length or greater.
  • The affected roadway will have approximately 500 - 1500 vehicles per day.
  • The affected roadway will have a number of speeders close to or in excess of 15% of traffic volumes during a 4-hour, off peak study period.
  • The residents of the impacted area support the traffic calming plan.
  • Or the City's Traffic Engineer determines an immediate and substantial traffic-safety related problem.