The appeal of the Planning and Development Services Director's interpretation was denied by the Board of Adjustment during the June 13, 2023 meeting.

Requested Action: The applicant is requesting an appeal of the Planning and Development Services Director’s interpretation of the Unified Land Development Code’s (ULDC) definition of the land use, “Parking, Commercial.”

Applicant: Joshua Cole

Background: The ULDC not only governs the land uses for each zoning district, but also defines what constitutes each type of land use. Within each zoning district, only certain land uses are permitted, sometimes only under specific conditions. The applicant desires to utilize a property located at the southeast corner of Lee Drive and Travis Street, consisting of approximately 9 acres, for a business that would allow for parking of semi-trucks and trailers for a fee. The property is located in the General Commercial (GC) zoning district, which allows for a wide variety of retail and business uses.

In this case, the applicant is appealing the director’s interpretation that the use in question is not permitted in the GC district.

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