Requested Action: A proposed text amendment to Appendix A - Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) to change Section 1.26 Rezoning, Special Use Permits, and Zoning Text Amendments and Section 2.10 Land Use Conditions Table A-40, Non-Residential Categories, concerning certain language addressing Warehouse and Freight Movement, Wholesale Trade.

Applicants: Jason Reynolds – City Manager

Background: The ULDC governs the land uses for each zoning district. Within each zoning district, certain land uses can be permitted, permitted with conditions, or not permitted. A land use that is permitted with conditions is required to follow the standard set of conditions listed within Section 2.10, the Land Use Conditions Table. This text amendment primarily pertains to warehouse and freight movement, wholesale trade. More particularly, the conditions associated with the non-residential categories, Land Conditions Table A-40.

As a primarily industrial use, warehousing has an inherent potential to negatively impact nearby residential and commercial properties. Those impacts can include, noise, smells, and truck traffic. Therefore, this use should mainly be permitted on properties that are zoned industrial. However, the Baytown ULDC currently allows warehousing on properties that are zoned General Commercial (GC), provided that they meet 11 conditions, listed in the Land Use Conditions Table. The text amendment adds a twelfth condition that requires warehousing, freight movement, and logistics operations in a GC district to obtain a Special Use Permit. This condition will require all warehousing operations to undergo the public hearing process at the Planning and Zoning Commission and approval by City Council.

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Comment Form - IPUD Text Amendment

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