This project was approved by City Council on October 26, 2023.
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Requested Action: The applicant is requesting two actions: 1) Voluntary Annexation of approximately 0.97 acres 2) Zoning Map Amendment to the official zoning map to rezone an approximately 0.97 acres portion of the subject property from Open space/Recreation (OR) & General Commercial (GC).

Applicant: Robert Costello, QT South LLC

Subject Area: Approximately 0.976 acres, located on the northerly right-of-way line of Interstate Highway 10 and the easterly right-of-way line of F.M. 2100, also known as Main Street (also referred to as Crosby-Lynchburg Road), and the tract described herein and being all of a called 0.976 acre tract of land as described in Clerk's File No. 2016-83010 of the official public records of Harris County, Texas.

Parcel Information

Current Use: Convenient store

Proposed Use: Commercial – travel center

Future Land Use Plan: Large-Scale Commercial

Background: The applicant is requesting to rezone the subject property, approximately 0.96 acres, from Open Space/Recreation (OR) to General Commercial (GC). This rezoning request is happening concurrently to a voluntary annexation request. The applicant also owns the adjacent 28.80 acres and desires to develop a travel center and Dominos pizza on the total 29.77 acreage.

Comment Form - 1001 E IH 10

Comment Form - 1001 E IH 10

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