This application was approved by City Council on October 14th, 2021. Click here to view the meeting recording.

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Requested Action: The applicant is requesting two actions: 1) Voluntary Annexation of the subject property and adjacent Thompson Road right-of-way; 2) Zoning Map Amendment to the official zoning map to rezone approximately 20.82 acres from Open space/recreation (OR) to General Commercial (GC) zoning district.

Applicant: Tim Harrington

Subject Area: Approximately 23.84 acres of land in Harris County, Texas, including 20.82 acres of privately-owned land along Thompson Road north of Ellis School Road, along with approximately 2.57 acres being the entire width of Thompson Road right-of-way extending north approximately 1,879 feet from the current city limits to the northern end of the subject property.

Parcel(s) Information

Current Use: Vacant

Proposed Use: 250,000 SF Warehouse & Office

Future Land Use Plan: Commercial Corridor, Higher-Density Residential, and Low-Medium Density Residential

Background: The applicant has requested to be annexed into Baytown city limits and be zoned General Commercial (GC) zoning district in order to develop a 250,000 square foot single-story Warehouse & Office.

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