This application was approved by City Council on March 9, 2023. Click here(External link) to view the meeting recording.

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This was a city sponsored rezoning which differs from a typical Zoning Map Amendment in several ways including:

  • The rezoning request was proposed entirely by the city, no external application was involved in the request.
  • The proposed rezoning was determined from staff input and citizen feedback.
  • In addition to following all of the established procedures for a zoning map amendment this rezoning also included enhanced engagement from an open house and mailing campaign as an additional means to engage the community.

Why this occurred: The subject area was annexed into the City of Baytown as part of two separate annexations, the Crosby annexation and Blue Heron Parkway annexation, happening in 2014 and 2016 respectively. Per the Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) whenever a tract of land is annexed into Baytown city limits it must enter under the Open Space/Recreation (OR) zoning district. This zoning district is the most restrictive of the districts and makes any future development impossible without seeking a zoning map amendment. In a typical situation this would mean that before any prospective development an individual would have to seek a rezoning on a property by property basis. To jumpstart activity and have a guiding hand in the type of development in the area the city pursued the rezoning of a large portion of the property along this corridor to provide a unified and desired environment for the community.

What occurred: This rezoning included much more engagement than what is seen during the typical rezoning process. This is due to the heavy importance placed on community feedback when deciding the proposed zoning for the subject property. In addition, review the City Sponsored Zoning Process infographic below to familiarize yourself with what steps come next. After citizen engagement, a neighborhood open house, and online feedback, the proposed rezoning request was determined.

The map below shows the new zoning districts for the area. The "project Updates" tab below also includes a detailed breakdown of the proposed rezoning.

Project Updates

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